about us

I am a sole proprietorship established in 2005. I am registered to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

You can inquire and verify my company with the trade registry number 548850. HTTPS://BILGIBANKASI.ITO.ORG.TR/TR/BILGI-BANKASI/FIRMA-INFORMATION

Internet tax office activity query 5170142309 Tax no. Danube tax office. Inquiry LINK as Istanbul.

I have served 2000+ Opticians, more than 500 Corporate and individual customers.

Special production, product modification, digitization solutions are my works.

Among my clients are Arçelik, Vestel, Kuz Optik, Göz Grup Optik, Atasun Optik, Opmar Optik, Altınbaş, which are Turkey's largest companies in their field, and individual opticians and researchers who are my very valuable customers and friends. I can give you a close reference.

I serve as a person who designs and produces special products for opticians, makes some imported products work better, sells them, and repairs them.

I provide sales and repair services to individuals and institutions that need fast and effective cleaning with ultrasonic cleaners.

As a digitization solution. I provide e-commerce, portal, blog, pre-accounting program, crm-erp program installation and training.

I have advanced experience in cutting tool sharpening.

Since 2005, I have been doing my business as a person who understands the need and sells the products I sell if the most appropriate solution.

I evaluate existing products according to price performance criteria and offer products that meet these criteria for sale.