How to use an ultrasonic cleaner

The most important criterion for fast and effective cleaning is to use dirt-dissolving chemicals specific to the dirt we will clean.

1: Never operate your ultrasonic cleaner device without water above the min level in its reservoir. Ideal is the max level.

2: Plug in your ultrasonic cleaner device, pour enough solvent chemical into the chamber, run the device until the chemical mixes.

3: Choose the appropriate cleaning time for the dirt you want to clean and run your device.

4: When cleaning starts, you can see that the dirt starts to move away from the dirty surfaces in the form of smoke.

5: You may stop the operation of your ultrasonic cleaner a little later after the dirt has gone away as smoke.

6: Unplug your device when you are not using it, if any, turn it off from the power switch to avoid unnecessary electrical load on the electronic board of the device.