What is Ultrasonic Cleaner.

If we want to define what an ultrasonic cleaner is in the shortest way, it is a device that can clean objects that are contaminated in some way, very easily, deeply and completely, very quickly, making one think about how to clean due to intense pollution.

Let's briefly explain how they do this job.

Ultrasonic cleaner converts electrical energy into sound vibration and vibrates the object in its chamber with sound vibration at frequency speed, while at the same time it creates a spray effect and performs the cleaning function.

The indispensable components of all ultrasonic cleaning devices consist of an electronic card and a piezo crystal or transducer connected to this card, a chamber to which the piezo crystal or transducer is connected, and a body that gathers all these together.

If we connect it with life, almost all of us have felt how the sound makes us vibrate when we are exposed to very loud music.

Ultrasonic cleaning devices also create a much more effective vibration in the chamber, in addition, since it creates the effect of spraying with compressed water with the effect of cavitation, it breaks the dirt into smoke. This can also be observed with the naked eye.